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Thunderbird as Exchange Client

This article shows the officially by the Rechenzentrum supported functions of Thunderbird. Further instruction which are not supported by the Rechenzentrum can be found here.


Mozilla Thunderbird can connect to your Exchange via IMAP and SMTP by following the following steps. Steps which are signed as “optional” can be skipped, if you don't want to use Thunderbird and the web user interface in parallel.

1. Open Options → Account Settings and add a mail account:

2. Enter your data (name, email-address ( and your password) into the following dialog. Now hit “Continue” and then stop the process of getting connection information by clicking on “Manual Config”.

3. In the next dialog, you have to enter the colleges server information to establish a succesful connection:

The exact parameters can be found in the Verbindungsparametertabelle.

4. By clicking “Done” your account gets registered and shown in Thunderbird:

5. (Optional) To gain full compatibility with other Exchange Clients and functions, you have to change Thunderbirds default folders. To do so you have to subscribe the needed folders (right click your mailbox → “Subscribe…”):

6. (Optional) In the following dialog, you have to check the folders Entwürfe, Gelöschte Elemente, Gesendete Elemente, INBOX and Junk-E-Mail and confirm with “OK”:

7. (Optional) It is possible to change the default imap folder for deleted Mails, Drafts, Sent, Junk to the one used by the exchange server.

- Deleted Mail in Server Settings:

- Sent Mails, Drafts in “Copies & Folders”:

- Junk E-Mail under Junk Settings:

8. Thunderbird is now able to send and receive emails.

For further information see: Thunderbird Account Configuration

Functional Mailbox

The setup is the same as a common mail account. Despite as user name you don't use your normal RK-Account, instead use the following information Funktionspostfächer mit IMAP anzugebenden Verbindungsparameter.