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Outlook WebApp

Accessing your own mailbox

The easiest way for entering the Exchange System is the featureful web interface, which you can enter by following this link:

After entering the website, you have to enter your username (Allowed spellings: abc12345, hsr\abc12345,\abc12345, and your own password:

On your first visit, you have to configure some Options (Language, Time Zone):

Afterwards you can see the standard OWA interface and all the available features:

You can get to the options by clicking the littel gear-wheel in the top-right corner:
By clicking “Options” you can accesss advanced options:

Access to shared mailboxes

You can access shared mailboxes by changing to another useraccount. To do so click on your photo in the top-right corner, choose the option “Open another mailbox…” and enter the name or adrress of the shared mailbox:

After clicking “Open…” you can use the shared mailbox like it was your own. Changing back is also possible by clicking on your photo again:

How to recover deleted Items

Known Problems

Kryptographically signed E-Mails won't show up correct

The E-Mail is only shown incorrectly in preview mode. After opening the E-Mail in full view (double click the E-Mail in the E-Maillist) it will show up correctly and will eventually load attachements correctly.

Google Chrome: Calendar and Dialogs are not displayed

Please use the newest version of Google Chrome (Versions after 10.24.2014) to eliminate indication errors.