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HS.R Exchange: Allgemeines

HS.R Exchange Connection Details

xyz12345 is a example user name! (Please replace it with your own!)

Connection type Server address Port / Encryption User name Authentification
OWA (HTTPS) 443 / SSL xyz12345 (or)\xyz12345 (or)
Outlook Use autodiscover!\xyz12345 (or)
ActiveSyncexchange.hs-regensburg.deUser: xyz12345
IMAP (Own mailbox) 143 / STARTTLS\xyz12345 Normal password / LOGIN,PLAIN
IMAP (Other mailbox) 143 / STARTTLS\xyz12345\<name of mailbox> Normal password / LOGIN,PLAIN
SMTP 587 / STARTTLS\xyz12345 Normal password / LOGIN,PLAIN

Using function detection via IMAP

If the user has the permisson, it is possibel to use fuction detection via IAMP and SMTP. This is also possible without a Exchange mailbox of the user. For login please use as IMAP-User:„\<user name>\< mailbox name>“ . The SMTP-Connection is the same as the connection data used above (User name: „\<Benutzername>“). You can send this connection with the address of the function detection.

Example: The user “xyz12345” can access the function detection “” with the following IMAP-User: „\xyz12345\test“. „\xyz12345“ is used to send messages.